About Us

We provide every client tailor-made Facility management solutions to a diverse selection of needs, ranging from extensive portfolios or individual units.

Who We Are?

We are specialized in providing our clients with tailor-made services and solutions that are supported with the latest technologies in order to accommodate the needs of our clients depending on the type of their project.

Our team of experts are always dedicated, committed, and detail oriented to maximize returns by efficiently utilizing hard, soft maintenance services, customer relation management, marketing strategies, management and tenant relations.

Our skilled Facility management team at INMA takes care of every detail, from the basic to the most complex, helping maximize returns by utilizing efficient maintenance, marketing and tenant relations.

Our Mission

To provide property management services and consultancy that maximize the return of investment on the client’s assets while adapting our culture to the highest qualities and international standards using the latest innovations, smart technology, sustainable and environment friendly procedures to satisfy our clients and accurately cover all their needs.

Our vision

We aim to become the partner of choice for our clients by providing international standards and diverse services to any type of asset or property in order to achieve the utmost return on investment for our clients while sustaining a healthy environment and a gratified community.

Our Values

INMA Property Management’s approach follows remarkable values to reach its targeted vision and achieve:

by preserving the highest standards of conducts and ethics, whilst respecting customers, the community, and shareholders as our reputation is one of our primary assets.
by continuously engaging with our clients to keep them updated at all times and sustain their long-term investments.
Dedication and Commitment
by providing efficient and reliable services 24/7 and on-time delivery of excellence for each project which marks us as a culture of loyalty and obligation.


Our hands-on management style ensures that all of our client’s needs are met in a fast & efficient manner.
our people’s aim to provide a focused and personal service to our client base, by taking care of their investments needs.
we are constantly adapting to the client’s needs and putting their interests as a primary objective, we aim to provide a solution based on transparency and integrity, understanding that the market we serve demands a high amount of trust in our competencies and capabilities.